Meet the Cauleys!

Grade school sweethearts, Mark and Heather Cauley set out on their new venture as owners/operators of Terrace View Marina in 2016. After retiring from the Army in 2010, Mark entered the corporate business world where he quickly learned that it required more time away from his family than the Army ever did. He and Heather began researching other opportunities for their family to include seeing the country by houseboat (seriously).

In the process of that extensive search, the notion of purchasing a marina was born. Because of Heather’s love for the mountains and particularly this area, they narrowed their search down to East Tennessee. An exploratory trip on their 24th wedding anniversary, landed them lost but mystified at the beauty of Watts Bar Lake and particularly Terrace View Marina. They call it a “God Thing” that the marina was even available for their purchase. They jumped in with all 4 feet to include the 14 feet of their seven home schooled, hardworking, school aged children and opened up the marina full throttle July 4th weekend of that same year.

The love of serving people and working together has made this “life change” a perfect fit for their family. From fueling up boats, to preparing delicious food in the restaurant, to making the hotel a comfortable, relaxing stay – they are “all-in, all-the-time”, delighting in making each visit to Terrace View Marina a lasting memory.

Marina Hours

Mon-Thur: 9am - 6pm
Fri-Sun 9am-9pm

Restaurant Hours

Friday 5-9pm
Saturday 12-9
Sunday 12-8pm
Open for Take-Out only right now.

Call Us

(423) 365-6060

3367 Euchee Chapel Road
Spring City, TN 37381